an urban intervention by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT
produced and realized in the framework of UrbanFestival Zagreb/Croatia 2006

The project provides a possibility for voluntary initiatives and civil society organizations to create ideas for new street names and present them in public space. It is an invitation for committed citizens to present their ideas about the society they live in, and also about the future. They were asked to propose street names that define goals and concepts of their organization and the civil society.
Starting point of the project is the fact street names have always expressed a specific idea on how history or reality should be viewed. This becomes evident when we remember how many streets have been renamed in times of great changes in political systems. The interaction between the new street signs and the old original plates in the streets shall bring attention to the current social events in the city. This renaming creates a sensibility for synergies and contradictions in the development of a society, strongly influenced by overlapping of public and private interests.

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (whose German implications range from “Cleaning Service” to “Purification Society”) is an artist’s project group that works at the point of intersection between art and social reality. RG works with partners from different backgrounds, providing platforms for interdisciplinary activities. Our way of working is based on the positive potential of connecting different spheres of society. RG initiates projects that generate new relations and interest groups of people.

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT understands contemporary art as a catalyst of social and political processes.


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