Bus Stop Opera places investigations of the everyday within the realm of the extraordinary and sublime. The operas agitate the routine private space within public transportation rides through conversation and transform the everyday public space of bus stops around Pittsburgh through operatic performance of the same conversations. The conversations are composed into libretto and scored for ten to thirty minute operatic performances at corresponding bus stops.

Public performances take place along Pittsburgh area transit routes, with found audiences/participants. All cast and crew utilize public transit to travel from one bus stop to the next at the completion of each opera and may perform en route to the next act or full performance.

Throughout, audience collaboration with the performers is encouraged as the performers reconfigure these typical spaces. Bus Stop Opera accumulates mementos of the lives of Pittsburghers who utilize public transportation and frames the mundane as high art. Most significantly, the public is introduced to the notion that viewers of a performance may be implicated as collaborators in an attempt to create a valid illustration of reality.

Visit www.busstopopera.com to learn more.

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