Parking Public, A Brief Tour into the Storage of Utopia

Parking Public is a research initiative of the Temporary Travel Office. Parking Public documents specific histories of public parking development as it relates to the more general ideology of utopian capitalism. The Temporary Travel Office has been at work studying the changing context of parking in U.S. cities and towns, producing guided and self-guided tours to better understand how parking fits into our desires and frustrations for livable spaces. They are interested in looking at the disappearance of surface parking lots that seeems to be taking place across the country, especially in cities and towns with urban centers.

To date, the Temporary Travel Office has conducted guided tours in Brooklyn, Champaign, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles. The tours give Parking Public participants up close experiences with the spaces of public parking with the goal historicizing parking within the larger ideology of automobility and what Richard Davies has called an "Age of Asphalt."

Temporary Travel Office's tour in Hollywood looked at the emerging relationship between neighborhood resident groups, speculative developers, architectural preservationists and tourism.

Visit temporarytraveloffice.net to learn more.

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