Agency for Small Claims

Agency for Small Claims is a year long exhibition space. It opens conversations about art-making practices that are research-based. It supports art-making practices that ask what is public and private space. It documents art-making practices that are temporary exchanges between people and communities.

Agency for Small Claims encourages openness and generosity in art.

Agency for Small Claims is a bulletin board.

Agency for Small Claims collaborates from a distance with art-makers around the world. It acts as agent on behalf of knowledge transmission. It makes claims on behalf of art.

Chto delat/What is to be done? archive
Amy Balkin archive
Dawn Weleski archive
STEALTH.unlimited archive
Robin Hewlett & Ben Kinsley archive
Department of Reading archive
the Think Tank that has yet to be named archive
Temporary Travel Office archive
Kate Rich/FERAL TRADE archive
Temporary Services archive

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT, Chto delat/What is to be done?, Amy Balkin, Dawn Weleski, STEALTH.unlimited, Robin Hewlett & Ben Kinsley, Department of Reading, the Think Tank that has yet to be named, Temporary Travel Office, Kate Rich/FERAL TRADE, Temporary Services


James Voorhies


Columbus College of Art & Design, OH
Jan 20—Dec 18, 2009

Made possible with support from Columbus College of Art & Design