Dewey Decimal Days

Why I Love Libraries
Reference Collection, a series of 42 portraits of librarians and library staff by 42 artists
Zine Summit Workshop
Audio-Visual Materials
Book Arts Today I: Mary Jo Bole

Why I Love Libraries

a video diary of testimonials about experiences with libraries

Reference Collection, a series of 42 portraits of librarians and library staff by 42 artists

produced on bookmarks, 20,000 distributed freely

Zine Summit Workshop

discussion about zines, as well as reading and perusing collections of local zines at Sporeprint Infoshop

Audio-Visual Materials

the high and the low: screening of Toute la Mémoire du Monde (1956) by Alain Resnais combined with

a viewing of the cult librarian classic Party Girl (1995)

Book Arts Today I: Mary Jo Bole

by Skype, Bole speaks about making books at Knust, Extrapool in The Netherlands

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Dewey Decimal Days is a series of free events, including informal talks, SKYPE chats, gatherings, screenings, video-recorded testimonials, a conference call, and a dance party. It is organized in celebration of libraries, reading, and a love of all-things related to books. As a precursor to the exhibition Of Other Spaces, this project explores the changing role of libraries in our society. The activities bring together visual artists, writers, bibliophiles, and librarians in a social forum that considers the effect libraries have on our daily lives and poses questions about current and future states of these public and private spaces.

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I Love Libraries testimonials

Book Arts Today II: Suzanne Silver: Blacklists/Whitelists is a handmade limited edition book printed on glassine with a dos-a-dos construction in which the two books it contains, Blacklists, Whitelists, are bound back-to-back, opening in opposite directions. Each book is an experiment with the associative and indexical properties of color and color naming through the use of various list modes.

Selection from Blacklist/Whitelists

Reading Aesop by Tongsue Ly from Bureau for Open Culture on Vimeo.

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James Voorhies


Columbus College of Art & Design, OH
Oct 14—18, 2008

Made possible with support from Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council in collaboration Columbus Metropolitan Library and Grandview Heights Public Library with support from Columbus College of Art & Design