Exact Imagination

Andrea Fraser, A Visit to the Sistine Chapel, 2005
Christian Jankowski, Flock, 2002
BANK, White Cube, NY, 1999

Andrea Fraser, A Visit to the Sistine Chapel, 2005

DVD, 12 minutes

courtesy of the artist and Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York

Christian Jankowski, Flock, 2002

DVD, 10 minutes

courtesy of the artist, Maccarone, Inc., New York, and Klosterfelde, Berlin

BANK, White Cube, NY, 1999

from The Bank Fax-Bak Service series (detail); ink on paper, 8.25 x 11.75 inches

courtesy of BANK archive, London

Andrea Fraser, A Visit to the Sistine Chapel, 2005  thumbnail
Christian Jankowski, Flock, 2002  thumbnail
BANK, White Cube, NY, 1999 thumbnail

Exact Imagination is about the experience of art, however one may have it, via gallery exhibitions, social engagements, books, reproductions, academics, or simply by being alive. Taking its inspiration and title from the Frankfurt School philosopher Theodor Adorno and his analysis of aesthetic experience in which he argues that subjective and objective forces collide to determine a viewer’s perceptual reception of art—how it makes them feel, what they take away from it, what they draw up inside of them to relate to it—this exhibition includes art that encourages both concrete and immaterial aesthetic explorations.

With these ideas in mind, Exact Imagination investigates the authority of the institution and its effect on the viewer. It provides conditions for experiencing the way institutional devices leverage reactions to art in divergent forms of encounters, either by inspiring an internal aesthetic response to art objects (as does any exhibition or work of art) or by requiring from viewers literal participation in social exchanges.

The artists in this exhibition examine with criticism and humor the institutionalization of art, exhibition-making, academic production, artistic resistance, and a wide range of other influences that affect how people get access to, read about, study, view, reflect upon, and bring forth an imaginative response to art.

Building Backdrop/Exact Imagination, 2008 by Gaylen Gerber from Bureau for Open Culture on Vimeo.

Exact Imagination archive

BANK, Andrea Fraser, Gaylen Gerber, David Ireland, Christian Jankowski, Louise Lawler, N55, David Ording, Red76


James Voorhies


Columbus College of Art & Design, OH
Feb 13—Apr 5, 2008

Made possible with grants from Greater Columbus Arts Council and Ohio Arts Council with support from Columbus College of Art & Design