Taking Shelter

A place to call one’s own—it is the most basic of human needs. This exhibition examines the natural desire for shelter through a selection of artworks and social interventions. They encourage consideration of a range of subjects, including how public space becomes private, the absence of proper housing, the identity formed by where one lives, and the feeling of safety embodied in simple walls and a roof. These works demonstrate how community, government, economics, and politics are interwoven with and sometimes inextricably linked to the dreams and expectations of having a personal place where one can take shelter.

Taking Shelter archive

Eric Araujo, Jonathan Calm, Anthony Hernandez, Patrick Killoran, McCallum & Tarry, Jackie Sumell and Herman Wallace


James Voorhies


Columbus College of Art & Design, OH
Feb 13—Apr 5, 2008

Made possible with grants from Greater Columbus Arts Council and Ohio Arts Council with support from Columbus College of Art & Design