you should never actually boil coffee

fm-scenario—Where Palms Stand—Mask—Delay
Eran Schaerf
Edited by Joerg Franzbecker & Herbert Kapfer
Bedford Press, London with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2012

you should never actually boil coffee is part of this publication produced for the HKW exhibition Between Walls and Windows. Architektur und Ideologie, curated by Valerie Smith. fm-scenario has contributions by Johannes Porsch, Suchan Kinoshita, Heike Geissler, Bureau for Open Culture, Katrin Mayer, Uriel Orlow, Ines Schaber, Eva Meyer, Gerald Raunig, Knowbotiq and Eran Schaerf.

you should never actually boil coffee uses the forms of contemporary digital communication technologies Facebook and the iPhone. Headlines from major news media outlets over the past few years are juxtaposed with film stills from the 1932 German film Kuhle Wampe, oder Wem gehört die Welt? written by Bertolt Brecht.

digital collage and printed matter